Storm Catcher Rolling Screen

Screen Curtain – The screen curtains are constructed of a polypropylene, woven monofilament geotextile fabric. The flexible material lends itself to a wide array of applications. With the densely porous material 95 percent solid and the weave tight enough for surface tension of water to create a barrier resistant to driving rain, the material is still open enough to be transparent.

Screen Curtain Housing – Machine formed aluminum hoods provide the housing to contain the shutter roll above the protected opening. Within the housing is the screen curtain attached to the reel that is structurally fastened to the side caps for strength and rigidity. The housing is sealed with caulking to weather proof and maintain a clean and finished look.

Tracks – Manufactured of extruded, hardened 6063-T6 aluminum alloy to ensure maximum structural integrity.

Motors – Storm Smart uses the quietest, state-of-the-art and U.L.-recognized motors available and provides a five-year limited warranty. All motors are fully contained within the shutter reel and incorporate a thermal overload protection system protection device. The motors are permanently lubricated and sealed for years of trouble-free service. Optional built in manual override guarantees total control over your rolling screen system at all times, even in cases of power failure.

Manual Gears – The stainless steel worm gear installed on manual shutters provide years of trouble free use and require no maintenance.

Crank Handle – Aluminum and stainless steel with hand cushions.

Testing Standards – The system has been tested to and has passed ASTM protocols E330, E1886 and E1996-02.

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