Storm Catcher Grommet Screen - Fabric Based Hurricane Protection

Grommet Hurricane Screen

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This screen system uses grommets attached to the screen, providing anchoring points to the building. Using a variety of mounting techniques and combining an array of structure frames, grommet screens can be used in tandem with the Strap & Buckle design to provide a hybrid application capable of providing hurricane protection for difficult openings that other shutter types are unable to match. Wall and floor-mount tracks are available in an assortment of shapes and sizes, all with corrosion-resistant materials and finishes. An optional, code-approved emergency escape panel can provide the ability to protect you inside your home knowing you can get out if you have to.

grommet screen
  • Allows light in, keeping you out of “the cave”
  • Meets stringent Florida, Texas and International Building Codes
  • Cost effective, fast and easy to deploy with a variety of installation methods
  • Meets insurance premium reduction criteria
  • Maintenance free and folds conveniently for compact storage
  • Optional permanently attached storage system “Flap Design”
grommet screen