Fabric Based Hurricane Protection Products

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Storm Catcher Provides Comprehensive Hurricane Protection

Storm Catcher provides a comprehensive solution to all of your storm protection needs. Whether for residential or commercial applications, in both new and existing construction, multiple installation methods can provide maximum protection for virtually any opening. Made of a lightweight, geo-synthetic fabric, reinforced with thousands of woven fibers per square inch in each direction, Storm Catcher is fast and easy to install, and allows light to enter – so you are not left in the dark.

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Hurricane Protection That Is Easy to Install

Because of its light weight, the screens can be installed by anyone. The strong and flexible material lends itself to a wide array of convenient, easy to install applications, all of which meet stringent Florida, Texas and International Building Codes as well as meeting insurance premium reduction criteria. The flexibility afforded by Storm Catcher provides solutions other products simply cannot offer, allowing you to overcome design problems created by irregular shaped openings.

Storm Catcher Impact Testing Video

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The Storm Catcher line of products are rigorously tested and approved before they are released for use in the hurricane protection market place. We are often asked by our customers if there is a quality video of the Impact Testing that takes place on these products. We are glad to now be able to show you this video. This footage was obtained during a round of testing that took place at the Fenestration Testing Laboratories in Miami FL. This facility is one of the finest and most respected independent hurricane protection testing labs in the country. The footage you'll see is of the missile testing procedures. A 2 x 4 is shot at 50 feet per second at the center and at each corner of the screen. This is to simulate flying debris during a storm. The screen passed with flying colors. This particular test was done on a light colored screen, so the 2 x 4 did leave a mark on it during some of the shots, but note that the actual screen was not damaged.