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Helping the Customer

Monday, September 26th, 2011

To Brian Rist, President

Storm Smart Industries


I recently had a problem with my Storm Catcher Hurricane fabric and had to get it replaced. Having accomplished this successfully, I want to take the opportunity to thank you and your staff for the BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE THAT I have ever personally experienced or seen. I am a retired Financial VP for a Billion $+ international industrial manufacturing business so I think I have some ability to assess good service.

My Storm Catcher screen was purchased about five years ago from Florida Hurricane & Solar Protection of Sarasota to protect my lanai area in addition to the purchase of Lexan shutters for the remaining windows. After realising that I had a problem on the day prior to leaving for the North for the summer, I had some difficulty getting connected to the right person at the supplier to see if I could get a replacement screen. When I was told to call the manufacturer directly, I sensed there was going to be a problem in resolving it to my satisfaction. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

My initial contact was with a gentleman named Zeke who suggested I talk to Maria. After I explained who I was and the situation, she without hesitation agreed to a replacement under the warranty. She did indicate that I would have to bring the screen to Fort Myers to be used as a template and would make every effort to have it ready for me in 2-3 days as I was flying from Cape Cod to Florida specifically to get this resolved.

I first arrived at your office/plant on Tuesday August 30th. As I was taking the screen out of my trunk, an employee came by and asked if he could assist me. I said I didn’t need help but he insisted on at least opening the facility door. Once inside, I was well taken care of by the receptionist and shortly by Maria. As I was leaving the office, another lady asked if I had been taken care of satisfactorily. I knew I was in good hands. As I was about to drive away, I spotted yourself (having seen your picture in the foyer). I told you how happy I was with the service. I was still anxious about getting the final product as agreed to and on time but with high expectations based on what had just occurred.

On Thursday morning at 7:30 am, Maria called and said the Storm Catcher was ready. I drove to your facility and met with Maria who gave me the replacement product. Again, Maria and each person whom I saw asked if I had been cared for satisfactorily. Later that day, I reinstalled the new Storm Catcher at my home with full product and time satisfaction.

Your product is great. Installation is as simple as it could be. Your organization is fabulous.

Thank you and I wish you and your employees continues success.

Respectfully yours,

Mr. Webb

Hurricane Names For The 2010 Season

Friday, February 5th, 2010

We hope that you’ll stay tuned to our website for not only your hurricane protection needs, but for useful hurricane preparedness and information tips as well. As we all know, the 2010 hurricane season is approaching. Initial forecasts are telling us that this is going to be a busy one. Here are the 2010 names of the hurricanes that could be heading toward Florida soon:


Be safe and be smart!

Storm Catcher Working to Constantly Improve!

Monday, June 15th, 2009

Storm Catcher is constantly working to improve our products and how we do business. In the past couple of months we have made many improvements to our website, designed a new dual screen role down system, introduced new motors, re-designed our strap and buckle tightening method, and much more. Our goal is to constantly come up with new and innovative hurricane screen solutions. We strive to be the leader in wind abatement screen technology.

In the future, we will continue moving forward with new concepts and designs. At this time we are ready to start the testing process on several new products that will give us an even wider variety of high quality hurricane protection products. Stay tuned to this website as we will be announcing several new products in the very near future.

Storm Catcher Has More Hurricane Screen Options To Choose From

Wednesday, April 1st, 2009

The Storm Catcher line of hurricane screen products has more hurricane screens to choose from. While some companies offer only one mounting option, with limited spans – Storm Catcher has many mounting options as well as the longest spans available. We have standard grommet screens, strap and buckle applications, combinations of grommet and straps and buckles, and rolling screen.

With our direct mount hurricane screen we can span as wide 229″ and with our rolling screen we can span as wide as 288″. At 288″, without storm bars, the Storm Catcher rolling screen is the strongest form of storm bar free roll-down protection in the hurricane industry. The aluminum track extrusion that Storm Catcher uses for it’s side tracks is one off the strongest if not the strongest in the industry.

We are proud to say that no one in the hurricane screen industry has more options available than Storm Catcher!