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Some of the changes to the Florida Building Codes effective March 15th 2012

Monday, March 5th, 2012

We want to ALERT everyone that the Florida Building Codes (FBC) are changing for all new construction & major remodeling in Florida. These changes will take effect March 15th 2012. So if you are planning on doing any type of major remodeling (Greater than 30% of the assessed value) or building a new home and have bids that are already in place or are currently looking for bids for your existing home. YOU ARE RUNNING OUT OF TIME!! If you do not get your permits submitted by March 14th 2012 midnight you could be spending thousands of dollars you may not have planned for.

One of the reasons why we have been so successful within our industry is because of our never ending pursuit of training and continued education. CEO Brian Rist has been diligently learning every aspect of the new FBC & Residential Energy Efficiency codes. The new codes were just released in print about a month ago and they can be a game changer!

For example if you’re building a new home and have already chosen aluminum windows you may not pass Plan Review. New windows must have a “Solar Heat Gain Coefficient” , SHGC, of at least 30 or better & most plain aluminum laminated windows do not meet this standard & therefore cannot be installed on a new homes. There are several other calculations that must be met as well, but for those answers you will need to talk with one of our Window Consultants to help you with the best fit for your investment.

Brian is in Germany now attending R+T the largest window and door expo in the world. While there he is meeting with a select group of suppliers worldwide at an Energy Conference, to discuss alternative ways to make our home less energy demanding. It’s interesting to note that French law calls for all homes in France to be zero energy consumers by 2020. This is one of the ways we stay ahead of the pack! Not only is he going there to promote our Storm Catcher Wind Abatement Screen systems, but he is also going to learn about the latest and greatest in Windows, Doors and Shutter protections for our homes & better ways to save money on our energy costs.

We look forward to 2012! We have some GREAT new products that we will start offering that will not only make our lives safer, but help save energy at the same time. To keep up with our new products and offers all you have to do is log onto our Facebook page and click “Like” or “Follow” us on Twitter.